As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Certified Therapist and an IFS Certified Therapist, I offer clinicians looking to develop and refine their clinical conceptualization using EMDR, IFS, and IFS-informed EMDR.

not taking new consultees

Consulting types


Remote individual EMDR Consultation at $75 per half-hour

Group consultation

Remote groups with 2-4 peers at $75 per individual

Specialty areas

Complex PTSD
Developmental Trauma
Attachment Wounds
Intergenerational Trauma
Compulsions - both behaviors and substances
Anxiety/Mood Disorders
Parts work with EMDR (EMDR + IFS)
Short-term EMDR conceptualization
Relational-Cultural EMDR


How we use consultation time is consultee-focused. If you are interested in group consultation, I try to connect you with peers who have similar experience with EMDR. I facilitate groups of multidisciplinary clinicians who have completed EMDR basic training and are looking to be become certified clinicians. I also provide consultation both post-certification or to those who are not interested on certification but are looking for having a ongoing group of curious and competent professionals that want to further refine their clinical skills or support with clients who have more complex presentations.