As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, a IFS Certified Therapist, and a IFS informed EMDR Consultant I offer clinicians looking to develop and refine their clinical conceptualization using EMDR, IFS, and IFS-informed EMDR.

not taking new consultees

Consulting types


Remote individual EMDR Consultation, or EMDR Informed IFS at $95 per half-hour

Group consultation

Remote groups with 2-4 peers at $95 per individual. Groups of two meet for 1 hour and groups of four meet for 2 hours.

Specialty areas

IFS Informed EMDR
Complex PTSD
Developmental Trauma
Attachment Wounds
Intergenerational Trauma
Compulsions - both behaviors and substances
Anxiety/Mood Disorders
Parts work with EMDR (EMDR + IFS)
Short-term EMDR conceptualization
Relational-Cultural EMDR


EMDR or IFS Informed EMDR
How we use consultation time is consultee-focused. If you are interested in group consultation, I try to connect you with peers who have similar level of experience with EMDR and IFS. I facilitate groups of multidisciplinary clinicians who have completed EMDR basic training and are looking to be become certified. IFS Informed EMDR consultation is accepted by EMDRIA for certification as well. While I require that consults have completed an EMDR basic training and IFS Level I is not necessary. A working knowledge of IFS is sufficient. I also provide consultation both post-certification or to those who are not interested on certification but are looking for having an ongoing group of curious and competent professionals that want to further refine their clinical skills or support with clients who have more complex presentations.